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2 Aug

Found this article on Buffer’s blog, and thought it was absolutely worth sharing. It’s a really great list split up into 10 different categories of useful apps to improve your productivity. Enjoy.


The big list of 100 tools, tips and tricks to work more efficiently online | The Buffer blog: productivity, life hacks, writing, user experience, customer happiness and business..


A Commentary on Olympic Commentators

29 Jul
Ryan Seacrest Olympics

Photo courtesy of Twitter

Since the Olympics commenced less than 48 hours ago, my eyes have been willingly locked to my television screen. However, while my eyes are being dazzled by these incredible visual spectacles of men and women who appear to be defying our basic laws of gravity with unparalleled grace, my ears, on the other hand, are being filled with the incessant ramblings of a commentator giving a play by play. This realization got me thinking…why do we not have the option to watch sporting events without the constant play by plays and critiques of the commentators, but rather with the same sounds that the spectators hear at the actual event?


You might say: “Why don’t you just mute the TV altogether?” Well call me weird…but that squeaking sound of the uneven bars as Gabby Douglas executes a HUGE release move, or that initial breaking of the pool water as swimmers like Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps propel themselves off the mounting blocks at lightning speed, is frankly music to my ears. Those, in addition to the sounds of the screaming fans after an American wins a race or event, are what I most vividly remember from past Olympics, so why can’t I have the option to just hear those sounds?

In the video below, there is no play by play during Gabby’s floor routine (the last event). Watch this video in its entirety and ask yourself: How much more involved do you become watching her floor routine? Are you able to revel in the sound of those solid tumbling pass sticks? Can you hear the give in the floor as Gabby puts all of her weight into propelling herself in the air for a double back? Does the immense cheer that the crowd gives at the end of her routine give you goosebumps?

I think we all would feel a lot more in the moment without these commentators saying “big air” and “that skill has been haunting her” in the middle of these routines.

Additionally, after researching the backgrounds of the NBC Olympic commentators, I realized that many of these announcers have little or no experience in the sport they are curating. Al Trautwig, for example, is providing the play by play for the gymnastics events. Al’s sportscasting background is in the professional basketball and hockey realm, where he gives pre and post-cast commentary for the Knicks and Rangers, and occasionally fills in as the play by play caster. How does that background in any way lend itself to learning the skills of being an effective gymnastics commentator? The pace of a gymnastics competition is entirely different, as well as variable, compared to the constant and fast pace of hockey and basketball. This different pace requires an entirely different style of play by play. When viewers at home are watching Jordan Wieber prepare to execute a high degree of difficulty tumbling series on the balance beam, the last thing they want to hear is the voice of a commentator saying how much trouble she has been having with this pass during warm-ups. Rather, they want to FEEL the tension, the focus, and the swell of silence that builds up in that stadium as Jordan prepares for her series.

We all wish we were in the stadiums watching these Olympic events, but we’re not, so why do the networks not give us the option of making our television watching experience as real as possible?

UNSPKN: For all the unspoken rules and other things that must be shared

28 Jul

How often do we find ourselves thinking this EXACT same thought when logging on to Facebook, but we’re just too embarrassed to ever say it? Well…this brand new site, called UNSPKN, allows anyone (with a Google account or WordPress for now) to log in and share with the community those “unspoken” rules that we all should know, but oftentimes forget. Here is my first contribution. In addition to most of these posts being hilarious as well as personally cathartic, you might find yourself learning something while you’re there. Like this UNSPKN:

“Sake bottles make the best vases.”

Sake Bottles Artsy Vase

Courtesy of

Why didn’t I think of that?

Overall, I think this is a great idea…can’t wait to see where it goes.

Tech Boys at the Olympics

27 Jul

Thanks Betabeat for posting this excellent followup to my Hottest Men of the Olympics article. I will say, however, although these techies are not nearly as adorable as my choices, I respect the lives they have chosen to pursue since their Olympic careers. I am especially impressed with the mark that Joe Yevoli has made in the NYC tech scene, especially with the NYC Tech Blood Drive. So even though your Olympic limelight has passed, your accomplishments off the field and in the tech world are just as impressive to me (AWWWW).

Also…What about the girls???

Considering the Betabeat article was written by a female World Champion figure skater, I would think she’d be a little better at representing the females of the tech scene who were formerly Olympic trained athletes. Follow up article?

10 Hottest Men on the USA 2012 Olympic Team

27 Jul

Although I am not one to objectify men…wait a second, yes I am…

Also, can I just mention how old I feel after seeing the ages of a lot of these genetic gods. Drueling over 4/10 of these pictures makes me feel like this. Can you guess which 4?

10. Jordan Burroughs– wrestler. Beat out undisputed favorite, Brent Metcalfe for a spot on the Olympic Team…gotta give him props on that. Also, his Twitter handle is legit.

Hottest Wrestler in the London Olympics

9. Tyson Chandler– basketball. Don’t make me regret putting you on this list, Tyson. You better step up your game after your poor performance in USA’s prelim game against Spain.

Hottest Olympic Athletes Tyson Chandler

8. Danell Leyva– gymnastics. You gotta love the Cuban refugee. His father (also a former olympic level gymnast) defected by swimming across the Rio Grande to the United States while his team was competing in Mexico.

Hottest Olympic Athletes Danell Leyva

7. Thomas Finchum– diving. Rumor has it this young fellow has a country band called, “Northern Nights”…score! I found his rendition of John Mayer’s Gravity on Youtube…double score!!

Olympic Hottest Men Thomas Finchum

6. Tim Morehouse– fencing. You may not consider him a conventional beauty, but I have a thing for Jewish men…he’s also got quite the boyish charm.

Tim Morehouse Hottest Olympic Fencer

5. Stu Mcnay– sailing. First of all, I honestly didn’t know sailing was an Olympic sport…does it get televised? So Stu is my Ivy League choice…not really my type, but I’m pretty sure my mother would approve.

Ivy League Olympic Athlete

4. Tony Azevedo– water polo. Brazilian master of the polo pool. Also, he loves dogs. Need I say more?

Tony Azevedo with his dogs

3. David Boudia– diving. This Bible thumping boy from the Midwest is just what mom ordered up for you. His tweets are inspiring and so are his perfectly synchronized dives with Nick McCrory.

David Boudia Diving

2. Ryan Lochte-swimming. Where do I begin with this stallion? Best swimmer in the world, tattoos, sense of humor. Plus…he’s a natural born rebel. Aww…Ryan…you’re such a catch!

Ryan Lochte Olympic Swimmer

1. Michael Phelps- swimming. The name says it all…

Michael Phelps hot body and an amazing swimmer

Twitter Blackout–Why didn’t Google tell me?

26 Jul

Twitter just had a massive blackout. However, why is it when internet sites have glitches, I assume that I or my machine is the one at fault? Does everyone feel that way? I mean…even Google didn’t have anything about it when I searched during the blackout, which automatically made me assume: “there’s something wrong with me, because after all…Google isn’t mentioning the blackout”. After all, Google is my god.

Also, like Joanna Stern, ABC News corespondent’s tweet mentioned (not verbatim): “How am I supposed to tweet this Twitter is down article, when Twitter is actually down?” I’ve come to realize that I get all of my up to the minute news from Twitter, so what is a girl to do when Twitter is down? This is what I did.

I mean what is going to happen if Twitter is down when Michael Phelps breaks the record at the London 2012 Olympics for the most medals won EVER in the HISTORY of TIME, and I am not near a TV to watch it? This is what I will do. I, as well as many people I know, rely on Twitter for this breaking news. All I can say is: Twitter you better get yo Sh*t together before them Olympics start…or you’re going to have a massive Twittocalypse on your hands…and I will be leading it. I will let my fellow WordPresser lead the non-violence movement.

Olympics 2012 War Twitter Blackout Reaction

May the odds be in your favor, Twitter

Cereal: What would I do without you?

26 Jul


It’s 2am and I am trying figure out this WordPress thing, and all I can think about is CEREAL!! The issue is that I ran out of cereal (3rd box this week!…It’s Wednesday), and I decided to deprive myself of this pleasure, mainly because the stores are all closed at the moment. So to feed my constant obsession for cereal…I figured I’d make a poll on what you think is the best cereal brand EVER!!!!


Me in a nutshell

18 Jul

Me in a nutshell…especially the last sentence. Reading “Quiet” by Susan Cain. (Taken with Instagram)


Art that actually interests me

2 Jul

…more like: “I’m just not a cat person.”

Online Dating sites ARE NOT for ME (at least for now)

18 Jun

For the past month, I am unashamed to admit that I gave online dating a chance…but for now, a chance is all I will give it. But before I proceed, in no way do I want to deter any young singles from giving it a try, because I truly believe that online dating is a wonderful and effective way to meet people, especially in a city like New York where everyone is defensive and unwilling to give someone new a chance. However, me being the person I am, you will see that online dating is not for me…and for those who do want to give it a try, hopefully you can learn a thing or two from my not so successful experiences.

My online dating experience can be boiled down to two date types:

1. Date with a guy whom I knew I would like and who would at least think I was cool (Boy A). Ended up going on 4 or 5 dates with this one.

2. Date where I was very skeptical about the guy but wanted to disprove my, “I CAN judge a book by its cover” mantra (Boy B). Had a few Type 2 dates, but nothing transpired after the first date.

Needless to say, my mantra was only re-validated by boy(s) B, and boy A (like I knew) truly was an awesome dude, but ended up only being attracted to the female version of himself (tall, blonde, short hair…the polar opposite of me); something I picked up on mid-first date.  However, being the somewhat stubborn person that I am, I embarked on a dating journey with boy A. The take-home lesson from boy A was no matter how awesome you think you are…if a 6’3” blonde boy has only ever dated 5’9”+ blonde haired, “passive” (his word, not mine) girls…move on! Your 5’1” frame on top of your long brunette locks sprinkled with your fiery and intense personality will NEVER tickle his fancy.

This realization, however, got me thinking about how the online dating community lacks people with my personality type—the introverted, intuitive, sensitive type. Not that I think I should be with someone exactly like me (I don’t love myself THAT much), but the honesty as well as sensitivity that “my type” possess, is criteria that I think all online daters should exercise.  Consider the path that my relationship with boy A would have taken if he exercised these traits. For starters, he probably would NOT have gone out on a date with me in the first place. If he did, though, and he realized he still really wasn’t that attracted to me, he would NOT go out on a second, third, fourth, and FIFTH date with me!!! My date with boy(s) B is a perfect example of the proper etiquette if you don’t want a second date: insist on splitting the bill, tell him it was great to meet him, and wish him luck on his ___(insert “personal crisis which of course he told you about since you naturally attract needy people” story here)____.

As some final words of wisdom to people dabbling (or planning to dabble) in the online dating world, please…if you are not at all physically attracted someone, save us all the time and don’t go out with us in the first place…and if you do, don’t TEXT us two hours later saying how great of a time you had during your date, as well as planning multiple future dates during your first date. Such behavior sends mixed signals…and might make the person think you actually like them…you did meet them on a dating site after all. I am NOT on an online dating site to meet FRIENDS, and neither should you.

So…my free subscription to this dating site is about to expire, and I will NOT be renewing it. No…instead I will continue to go with my gut, which weeds out 95% of people. The remaining 5% I will assume are gay; attracted to Asians; or attracted to tall, short-haired blondes with “strong jawlines” (his words, not mine). So until one of the 5% prove me wrong, I will be dancing in my own little world, most likely to this song. For now, let’s let the below photo of me rest in peace…or at least off of any online dating sites for a little while. Farewell my internet dating lovers!